Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit.

Ever since I was old enough to climb up on a piano stool, music has been a passion, a joy, a solace and something that was ‘all mine’. Then a fork in the road took me to the new and exciting world of

80's electronic music and composing

under my self-invented pseudonym of 'Vanelle' which led to some great times in composing, producing, mixing, recording and performing in Hi NRG dance music. 

I’m very blessed and grateful.

Another fork in the road led away from the changing music scene and in to the world of digital design, which was lucrative and complex, but after a decade+ of literally making millions of dollars for others, I realized that the greatest kudos and corporate perks would always pale in comparison to seeking that perfect, unique chord progression, or finding just the right turn of phrase in my lyrics to go with the musical texture.  Over the years I have realized that there is way more to learn and to discover than one mere lifetime can accommodate. 

Recently, I achieved a new/old dream — a Masters Degree in Music. In doing so I have again immersed myself again in the world I love more than any other endeavour — the study, exploration, and creation of music.

And this time I’m not letting go. 

And so here I am, researching, studying and learning, being inspired by the past and finding new ways to create, experiment, think about the future, and learn more deeply the craft of composition. 

This is my extended coda.

Thanks for listening, it means the world to me.


Elizabeth Petzold Music